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If you’d like to be part of helping our community through restorative justice by becoming a circle facilitator or a mentor, you will first need to take the training course, which is usually offered on a Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Please see the Training section for details.

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Policy for WLCC for RJ Membership

Rationale:  While the group wants to be inclusive, facilitating restorative justice circles requires skills and attributes.  The confidence of our referring agencies is vital to the existence of the program.

Anyone who wishes to become a member of the WLCC for RJ must fill out an application form available from the person overseeing Community Policing.

The application will require two references unrelated to the applicant, the applicant’s reason for applying for membership, and skills the applicant would bring to the group.

The application will be brought before the group for comments, either in a meeting or via email.  Barring any potential problems, the applicant can then be invited to attend a Restorative Justice meeting.  If the applicant feels he/she would like to continue with the application, the next step is to fill out permission for a Criminal Records Check and commit to taking the RCMP Facilitator course, if he/she has not already done so.

The applicant should be given the following information at the time of applying for membership

  • The applicant must be able to participate in circles or as an advisor in an unbiased manner and gain the confidence of Crown Counsel, RCMP, and the School District in the role of a Restorative Justice volunteer.
  • The applicant must agree to keep all information regarding cases confidential.
  • The applicant will be expected to attend monthly meetings.  If the individual is not able to attend, he/she should make the executive aware of the situation.  If the application misses three consecutive meetings without contacting a member of the executive, the member is considered to have resigned.
  • Members are expected to contribute either as a facilitator, mentor, and/or advisor on a regular basis.  The definition of regular basis depends on the needs of the group at any given time.
  • Acceptance into the group is partially based on the needs of the group at the time of application.

For more information about getting involved and to start the process please contact us.

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